What's an AC Emergency?

May 13, 2016

Summer weather on its way. You’ve most likely already turned on your air conditioning system to make sure it is running correctly. But what do you do if it’s not? It’s getting warm, your air conditioning system is not working, and you want to get in touch someone but it’s nighttime and you aren’t positive this is considered an AC emergency that that is going to cost more. You have probably heard that Rolf Griffin Service Experts is available 24/7/365 for emergency air conditioning repair, but what actually counts as a 24 hour AC repair emergency? And how much will is cost?

Please know that you can always call Rolf Griffin Service Experts , anytime of day, every day of the year. Our customer service representatives are available live, 24/7 to help decide if a technician needs to come check it out ASAP or if it’s something that can wait until morning.

When trying to evaluate the severity on your own, here are a few matters where you should go ahead and call us.

Strange Sounds

There are a few reasons that your air conditioner might be making unusual, screaming noises. One common problem could be that the fan belt got loose. Seasonal maintenance can help avoid this problem, but sometimes things happen and you need to call for an AC repair appointment. Another reason your air conditioner could be making a loud, screeching noise is that the compressor is running at a high level of pressure, which can be unsafe. If the sound seems excessive, shut off your air conditioner immediately and call Rolf Griffin Service Experts for an emergency AC repair service.

Strange Smells

A burning stench coming from your air conditioning unit is normally an indication of an electrical issue or a piece has become so overheated that it’s literally burning. If your A/C smells like it’s burning, that is certainly an emergency AC repair. Call Rolf Griffin Service Experts right away for 24 hour AC repair.

No Air Flow

If your AC system doesn’t seem to be running at all, or you can’t feel any air flowing, this could be a sign that the cooling system has malfunctioned. The cause could be a poorly calibrated thermostat, an issue with the blower, or your air conditioner could have finally met its maker. If the system isn’t generating air flow, or the air that’s blowing is too hot, go ahead and call Rolf Griffin Service Experts , particularly if there is extreme heat, so we can get someone out to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Not having cool air in severe temperatures absolutely constitutes a 24 hour AC repair.

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